The Lives and Suffering of the Ancient Israelites, The Book of Revelation, And People's Religious Experiences Today

This is part 2 of 3 in a series about Bible topics. The main themes include the origins of the Jewish race and Old Testament prophecy.

Bible Part 1: Bible Quotations, The Holy Spirit Today, People And Their Stories
(Bible topics include the story of Jesus, sex and marriage, violence, anger and jealousy, whether Christians should gossip and tell dirty jokes, and some of the reasons why Christians suffer.)

Bible Part 3: Bible Quotations, Articles About Alleged Inaccuracies in it, And Stories of People who Became Christians
(Bible topics include love and caring, the appropriate Christian attitude to personal wealth, prejudice, and false Christian teaching.)

Should We Follow the Laws of Moses Today?

Scales of Justice

The Severity of the Old Testament Laws and their Relevance for Christians Today

This page links to selections of Bible passages on topics such as the Law of Moses and what the New Testament says about it, what the Old Testament says about the development of the Jewish race and prophecies of God's punishments on them when they disobeyed his commands, from which it's possible to get an explanation for the reason why God does not put an end to war, famine and disease, and the Book of Revelation.

There are also links here to articles about the lifestyle of the ancient Jews, other religions, and stories about people who became Christians.
I have chosen these articles with care. However: please heed a Caution against believing everything.

The Christian Fish

If you're feeling a bit depressed or anxious today, you may find some of the content on some of the pages here particularly upsetting. Section 1 of this website contains self-help articles that it might be best to visit first. Topics covered include depression, life-damaging worry, panic attacks, phobias and OCD, grief, marriage problems, bullying and teasing, raising difficult teenagers, anorexia and self-harm, looking after someone with dementia, and recovery from rape. You can find them and several others here: Free Self-Help to Recover From or Cope With Some Problems.

The Early Old Testament

The Famous Bible Story Of Joseph

The Leadership Of Moses

Some Of The Laws Of Moses

The Bible, Slavery, and its Alleged Discrimination Against Women:

Note: If you get squeamish easily and have a notorious "problem with killing things" like I have, you may find bits of the rest of the Old Testament a little stomach-turning! Have a break after the nasty bits!!! I had to!

Should We Obey The Entire Law Of Moses? - What The Old And New Testaments Say

Some Answers to Sceptics' Claims of Little Errors in the Food Laws of Moses:

Links To Information About Islam And Stories about Former Muslims Who Became Christians:

Links To Articles Revealing The Wisdom And Significance Of Some Of The Laws Of Moses:

Invasion And Conquest Of The Promised Land, Now Known As Israel - A Punishment From God On The Inhabitants Of The Land


Is God Immoral for Causing the Suffering of War?

Archaeological Evidence of the Israelite Conquest of Canaan and Discussion of their Exodus from Egypt:

Links to Information On Hinduism And Stories From Former Hindus Who Became Christians:

The First Centuries In The Promised Land

Old Testament Stories That Illustrate How Seriously We Should Take God's Commands To Obey Him

The Claims That Christianity Caused Most of the Wars and Oppression of the Last Millennium:

The Kings of Israel and Judah, and Disaster and Prosperity Brought on the Two Kingdoms According to Their Obedience or Disobedience to God

Links To Stories Of People Who Found God And His Forgiveness After Searching:

The Predictions Old Testament Prophets Gave Of Total Disaster At The Hands of Invaders As A Punishment From God For Sins

Disputes About the Archaeology of Ancient Israel:

After The Babylonian Conquest

Links To Stories Of People Who Left Sinful Lifestyles To Come To Christ:

The Book Of Revelation - Prophecies Of Coming Disaster

To read a view of the book of Revelation which argues that the prophecies are mostly not prophecies of future events but were actually fulfilled in the first century around the time that the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in AD 70, visit: Dating and Interpreting Revelation.

God's Final Judgment

A burning fire

The Truth About Hell - The Original Meanings of the Words Used - Is It Eternal, and What's the Real Nature of the Punishment?

Note: Sorry if anyone's sensibilities were offended by the gruesomeness of a few of the Bible passages in the previous sections. Mine too! I did consider disowning my site! But it does begin to get better from hereon in, for the most part!

Can God be Good when there is so much Suffering and so many people will go to Hell?:

The Success Of Some Of The Jewish Exiles

Links To Stories Of Jews Who Escaped From Persecution:

The Book Of Job - Counterbalance To The Rest Of The Old Testament

Rebuilding Jerusalem

A night city view

Links To Stories Of People Who Left Immoral Lifestyles To Follow Jesus:

Bible Part 1: Bible Quotations, The Holy Spirit Today, People And Their Stories
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